How Much PPTO Do I Earn At Walmart Per Hour


As long as you are a worker at Walmart every hour your PPTO increases to a certain amount – how much PPTO do I earn at Walmart per hour, let’s find out.

PTO and PPTO is a kind of benefits Walmart offers to their workers, who may be absent from work. With this kind of benefits offered to workers, they are properly in charge of their time and can manage it as they wish and want without any questioning from anyone.

Walmart quick introduction How much PPTO do I earn at Walmart per hour

Walmart is a huge shopping mall where different types of items are sold, they operate in the USA and other parts of the world.


They employ many workers to enhance the fast delivery of service to their customers.

PPTO and PTO are some of the regulations used to regulate workers’ absence and presence, and they serve as a benefit to workers.

As you read this content you will learn the difference between PPTO & PTO and how both of them work. Also, you are going to find out for yourself concerning – how much PPTO do I earn per hour at Walmart. All these and many more will be discussed and talked about as we proceed further.

PPTO & PTO Explanation

PPTO stands for protected time off while PTO stands for paid time off, both are benefits or leverage received from workers at Walmart.


As we proceed we will dive deeper into this topic.

Protected PTO protects you whenever an unexpected happens or whenever you are absent without announcing or planning for it.

Being a worker at Walmart does not restrict you from enjoying your life or attending to care for your sick ones, you will fully do it with the help of PTO.

How much PPTO do I earn at Walmart per hour

According to Walmart policy, a worker can earn 3 minutes of PPTO per hour, and 1 hour of PTO in 30 hours.


 5-6 days of PTO can be earned in 8,760 hours, i.e. 5-6  days of PTO earned in 1 year or 365 days.

This is how the PTO is been calculated

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Walmart’s PTO & PPTO OverviewScreenshot 20231029 161850

PTO is used by a worker whenever he or she wants, he will request it from the manager and it will be approved for him.


Eg if the worker decides to be absent from work and spend a few days together with her lover, family, and friends or she may need to spend a few days alone on a vacation then she can go ahead and request PTO.

PPTO is used or deducted when unexpected events or situations occur that result in a Walmart’s worker being absent from work.

Eg. As he or she was on her way to work unexpectedly the car engine breakdown or traffic held her on the way, and it led to her absence from work, this unexpected occurrence will lead to PPTO deduction from Walmart.

How Much PPTO Do I Earn At Walmart Per Hour, Generally, PTO is deducted when a worker requests it before her absence from work for any reason known by her while PPTO is deducted when an unprepared or unplanned event occurs which leads to the worker’s absence from work.


Requesting and Using PTO at Walmart

Every worker is allowed to use PTO at Walmart as long as you have enough PTO then you can go ahead to request it.

And any time you request it, it will be approved and granted for you.

But when you have exhausted your PTO you won’t be able to request it again except in an emergency.

The benefits of Walmart PTO & PPTO to workersScreenshot 20231029 162319

The benefits are as follows

  • Workers flexibility: workers can decide to take a rest from work and have good times for themselves any time they want.
  • Non-salary deduction: if a worker decides to spend some days or 1-week vacation for his leisure and his PTO is up to that amount, no reduction will be deducted from his salary.
  • Taking care of loved ones: with PTO you can confidently take a leave to take care of your sick ones, spend time together with family, or go on a trip with your lover. 
  • Earn money with it: yes, it is very possible, you can request for your PTO to be turned into money and it will be granted to you. How much PPTO do I earn at Walmart per hour 
  • No suspension: when you have available PTO no suspension will be given to you if an unexpected occurred that made you to be absent unannounced.

All these are what Walmart workers benefits from PTO and PPTO.

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How much ppto do I earn at Walmart per hour?

It depends on the level of worker you are,  you can earn at least 3 minutes of PPTO per hour.


How is PPTO earned at Walmart?

At Walmart, PPTO is earned by how many hours a worker spends at the mall.

Eg if you work for 30 hours you will earn 1-hour PPTO.

 The longer the time or period you spend at Walmart the more your PPTO will be accumulating.


For an employee to earn more PPTO he has to spend more years at Walmart.

What happens to unused PPTO at Walmart?

Unused PPTO can not turned into cash it is only regular PTO that can be turned into cash.

When you have an unused PPTO it will be rolled over to the next year and it keeps increasing until it reaches a certain amount.


Unlike PTO, when an employee has an unused PTO but doesn’t have PPTO his regular PTO will be transformed to PPTO so that he will be able to have at least 48hrs to 80hrs of PPTO.

Then after the transfer and he still has remaining PTO he can choose to cash it out.

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How much ppto do I earn at Walmart per hour


As an employee, you can earn 3 minutes PPTO per hour, in a year you can earn 6 days PPTO.

If you are a full-time worker you can earn more PPTO.

PTO will help you to scale through life challenges or spend time with loved ones without losing your job or your salary being deducted, the more you earn, the more you will have flexible and free time for yourself.



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