How To Legally Stop Spouse From Spending Money Recklessly


Are you seeking the best strategy on how to legally stop spouse from spending money the wrong way?

Having a spouse who spends money recklessly can lead to financial detriment, how to legally stop spouse from spending money should be your next step if you find yourself in this situation.

Reckless spending of money is not only for women or only for men, it can be either of the spouses.

Remember, Violence is not the option to take when you notice that your spouse is spending money in the wrong.

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 There are still better ways to stop spouses and prevent them from spending unnecessarily 

Approach in a good manner 

Yes, I know you might have heard about this several times. It is the first thing and the legal way to stop your spouse from spending money recklessly.

You can approach your spouse with a soft voice and discuss with her how her reckless spending is harming and limiting your financial expectations.

Let her understand the impact of the action she is taking and how it is going to cause financial drawbacks to you both in the future.

Talk to her about your plans of investing for the future and how her reckless spending is becoming a stone block for it.

Also, let your spouse understand that if the reckless spending continues it might lead to huge debts for you both.

After carefully narrating this ordeal to your spouse if he or she is understanding she will heed and amend her ways of spending for the betterment of the financial aspect.

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Seek the help of a financial advisorHow To legally stop spouse from spending money

Seeking the help of a financial advisor is among those legal steps to take when you notice your spouse spends money excessively.

This way you bring your spouse to a financial advisor who is going to give your spouse good teaching about appropriately handling money.

Large numbers of people have used this method to stop their spouses from spending money recklessly.

Financial advisors know the right way they can talk to such spouses and open their eyes so that they can see the implications.

A financial advisor will teach your spouse the best way to spend money, how to plan this before spending money, and how to control money in the right way instead of money controlling it.

With the help of a financial advisor, your spouse can develop good spending habits which can help you both in terms of saving money 


budget and plan together with your spouse

There’s no doubt that many spouses don’t know how to plan things well before spending which leads them to spend money recklessly.

When you observe this habit from your spouse you can address it legally by helping him or her to budget and plan things out together.

You both can sit together and be budgeting and planning how things should be run, when you practice this method together for a long time he or she may learn the good ways of spending money.

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Talk about Financial goals to achieve

Talk to your spouse about the necessary achievement you both should focus on achieving instead of him/her spending money recklessly on things that do not matter.

Remind your spouse of the importance of investing for the future instead of squandering money the other way around he or she may heed.


Create a separate bank account 

How to legally stop spouse from spending money, can be achieved by creating a separate bank account.

If you and your spouse have a joint account together but he/she always withdraws money and spends it as he likes without even your notice.

Maybe you have talked to him about it to change still he persists, for the sake of your financial management the best step to take is to create another separate bank account.

Then start saving your money in a separate account, your spouse will no longer have access to it even to talk about spending the money recklessly.

With this method, you can successfully stop your spouse legally from spending money without involving violence.


This may sound odd but it’s one of the best ways to legally stop your spouse from spending money.

If your spouse is the type that frequently squanders money excessively eg using the money on his side chick, throwing big parties, or spending hugely on a club.

While all these are going on you are aware of it and have advised him in the best way you can to stop the act still he persisted.

And it’s causing you headaches, heartbreak and all that’s, just for the sake of your well being you may legally file for divorce.

This step can help you and again and rebuild your lost money.

FAQs of how to legally stop spouse from spending money

How to stop spouse from spending money

Is it possible to legally stop your spouse from recklessly spending money?

Yes, some spouses may spend money excessively because they don’t know how to plan and budget.

But if you legally instruct and teach them they may change for the better.

What legal action do I take if my spouse’s spending is causing financial drawbacks and hard?

There are many legal actions to take they are

  • Creating a separate bank account
  • Setting up a notification to allow you to know when your spouse withdraws money.
  • Legally filing a divorce.


When a spouse is spending money recklessly it may affect his partner badly. Many people in debt today were as a result of how they spent money excessively in the past.

 How to legally stop a spouse from spending money recklessly is important for the financial betterment of you both.

Try as hard as you can to legally stop your spouse from spending wrongly because it may land both of you in hunger and debt.


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