How To Pass Florida Business And Finance Test


Do you want to know the best approach tohow to pass Florida business and finance test, you are at the right place to learn and get the right direction.

The exam consists of 125 questions in total and it always lasts for 6 hours & 25 minutes participants are expected to score a minimum of 70% to qualify or pass the exam. It is important to be aware of how to pass Florida business and finance test it will enable you to prepare yourself fully.

Do you understand what the Florida test is all about?

This is a test taken by those who want to become an electrical or construction contractor in Florida and get hired for any available job.

After taking this test and passing it with good results they will be given a certificate and license which they use to work in the country.

The test and exam are to prepare and test their knowledge and know their capacity regarding construction work.

This test is very necessary and anyone planning to become a construction contractor must go through it.

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How to pass Florida Business and finance test How To pass Florida business and finance test

The following tips and guidelines will help you to pass the Florida business and finance test.

Map out time to study

Always map out time to study and prepare yourself for the exam and test. Eg. Like every day you schedule the best time convenient for you to study your book.

Doing so will help you to familiarize yourself with similar questions, as you are studying and preparing yourself daily it will help to improve in knowledge regarding the Florida business and test.

Study according to related stuff 

This means studying your books based on is related to the Florida business and finance test instead of studying any random book you come across.

Study with the past questions and answers of the business and finance test, you can get it online and start familiarizing yourself with it because it is likely to occur in the exam hall.

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Get more insight from the successful candidate of the exam

The is to gain deeper insight from them since they have passed through the stage they are in a better position to tell you what is likely to happen on the exam day, how to get yourself ready, and other things.

They will also tell you the strategies they have used that worked for them so that you can implement them for your good.

It is not hard to get those that have passed the test previously, you can get them from social media and ask them the necessary questions you need.

Prepare before time

Prepare yourself very well before the exam day reaches, 

How to pass Florida business and finance test.

Prepare and study on time so that the exam day will not come as a sudden to you.

Eg if you know you are going to an exam in the next 3 months start earlier this month to prepare yourself, you can start by studying once a week.

As the remaining month before the exam, you start studying more frequently for it.

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Keep up with the date of the test

Make sure you always keep up with the date of the exam to avoid it coming as a sudden date for you.

Or you forget about the exam date and miss your exam, this will be very bad cause you won’t be able to get back your money.

According to “Pearson Vue” the exam and registration fund is unfundable, bear in mind that even if you miss the exam you won’t get your money back.

You can keep up with the date by setting up an alarm on your device, it will help out.

Practice with timeout 

As the date is approaching you can start practicing the previous questions and answers with a timeout software so that you will be more conversant with the timeout

This tip will help you to type and answer questions faster.

It will help to avoid not completing your exam questions before time runs out.

Study consistently 

Even if you have learned and studied every aspect of the exam don’t relent as long as the exam has not been taken.

You should keep studying and practicing it to keep your brain sharp to avoid forgetting those you have previously studied.

How to pass Florida Business and finance test

When you study consistently you will surely make the exams

Don’t be afraid of the exam

Remove fear from your mind on the exam day and believe in yourself and the hard work you have put through regarding the exam.

Don’t allow fear to make you make a mistake on that day, tell yourself if others pass the exam you too can make it.

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What are the types of books to study regarding the Florida business and finance test?

 The following book is necessary 

  • Contractors manual, 2021
  • A401 standard form agreement between contractor-subtractor, 2017
  • Business guide to accounting 2001
  • Florida Statues chapter 455, 2021
  • A701 instructions to bidders, 2018
  • A201 general conditions of the contract for construction, 2017Also,

these books are required to come with them to the exam hall on that day.


How often is the Florida business and finance test taken?

The exam is scheduled monthly from January to December.

You can register in any month you want then the time of the exam will be scheduled for you.

Where is the test taken?

The test is taken in the state of Florida at any Pearson Vue center, on registering for the exam you will choose the nearest Pearson Vue center to you.

Are the test questions written on the board on the main date?

No, it’s not written on board the questions are set up on a computer.


What if I fail or pass the exam?

If you pass the exam it’s good news for you, you will receive your contractor license but if you fail you won’t be able to receive the license, your money will not be refunded and you must retake the test if you dearly need a contractor license.


How to Pass Florida business and finance test.

Passing the Florida Business and Finance test is not a rock science you can do it if you follow up with the guidance been highlighted above.

 It requires more dedication and hard work toward studying and practicing 

To get started on registration and others visit Pearson Vue 


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